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Ear Wyrm - Coming December 2021

Meilani always wanted to be a monster hunter for the Inquisition. She was good at it, too, until the first time she came face-to-face with real monsters. Now she's alone with her nightmares on the road she paved with all those good intentions.

Then one tiny glimmer of redemption finally offers itself -- a chance to safeguard a little girl with a very familiar ambition -- only to lead her further down the rabbit hole. The journey leaves them stranded in a tangled web of time with a deadly rogue's gallery of psychopaths and other monsters.

Hanging over it all, a once comfortingly familiar song exhorts them relentlessly, inescapably to push ever deeper into a night that never ends, even as something at the center of the web stirs restlessly on its gleaming hoard of possibilities. Here, now, and always, there be dragons.

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Ear Wyrm
(Dark Goddess Chronicles)

Siege Perilous 
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