Lost In The Wood Press

About Us

Lost in the Wood Press isn't exactly a feminist endeavor. It began as nothing more than a desire to share engaging stories with the world -- but as we rounded up our first planned offerings and studied their commonalities a few patterns emerged. First, we favor fantasy fiction. Second, we love a nice Gothic ambiance. Third, we love stories where women stand in the spotlight.
We will unapologetically present you with fantasy adventures where women aren't just allowed choice roles, they'll wind up getting most of them. Many of those women will be whip smart, most of them will be capable, they will generally be unafraid of their own sexuality, and every one of them will be surrounded by people who find none of this the least bit weird or off-putting. This is fantasy fiction, after all, and our over-arching fantasy is to live in a world where people are just people and the whole battle-of-the-sexes thing has become some near-forgotten relic of dark ages past.