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You can order autographed copies of each of our books.

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The Dark Goddess Chronicles by Leonard & Ann Marie Wilson

Conspiracy of One    Book Funnel    Book Trailer on YouTube

Heaped with survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress as the sole resident of her home town to escape the deadly intentions of the Inquisition, a shattered young woman stumbles into a cut-throat political intrigue she can only escape with the help of a magic mirror and her head full of imaginary friends.

Lethal Red Riding Hood     Order at Amazon    Book Trailer on YouTube

Bloody Scarlet, the skull collector of the Crimson Forest, is just a cautionary tale to keep children from wandering in and getting lost — isn’t she? Well something’s out there...

Gingerdread   Order at Amazon    Book Trailer on YouTube

Jordan hadn’t wished his stepmother, Eva, dead. Still, he hadn’t exactly grieved when they said she’d died in the fire. A protective big brother will only forgive so many sins against his sister.

Even if Eva had been alive, though, what business would she have begging for his help now—a year later?

Learning To Spell     Pre-Order at Amazon    Book Trailer on YouTube

The Lovelace Community College of Applied Magic had always been Sylvie’s dream. She would attend. She would excel. She would become one of the most accomplished alumni to ever walk its halls.

But her acceptance letter never came because of one infuriatingly stupid little problem: Lovelace didn’t exist...